Went to my first (new job) happy hour last Friday.

A group of us grabbed drinks in the resturant/bar on the ground floor of my office building. This is a brief list of what I can remember:

- my boss lady person (not really my boss but she give me work) and I bonded over our love of the angriest word of all: cunt.

- Introduced them to the phase “Hot Mess Express”

- Finally asked why no one wears dark nail polish. Apparently it doesn’t fit into the office culture and that makes me very sad.

- They asked me my opinions on some colleagues and apparently I was spot on with my observations.

- I can wear sweatpants to work when I show up on the weekends! (but I never would)

- Chelsea Clinton was there and I couldn’t stop staring at her.

- We all still drink like we’re 21 but can admit that the hangovers are a million times worse.

- I think they liked me! And I had a really fun night!

- And then I got home and fought with Boston, again. Ugh.


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