it’s suggestion time!

I need/want (NYC) commuting shoes that aren’t Uggs/Toms/sneakers/flip flops.

Anyone have any good alternatives?


  1. chronicallycurious said: i just bought these last week. they are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable, you don’t have to break them in at all.…
  2. extraordinarym4chine said: I have a pair of Sperry’s that I love - kind of preppy boat chic if you’re into that.
  3. tyce said: Uggs. Don’t u have gays in your life? Clearly not good ones that judge u for wearing UGGS
  4. jokes-on-c said: Can you wear toms but change into nicer shoes when you get to work/a date?
  5. msdeenyc said: I love my Dansko clogs. I wear them for years and buy a new pair when they wear out.
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